Monday, 6 September 2010

more about crochet

my lovely friend found my this book at an op-shop and she knew she just had to get it for me...
 before giving it to me, she read me the introduction:

Today, when crochet is enjoying such unprecedented vogue,
it is natural that many woman of all ages wish to become 
accomplished in this fascintatng craft. Crochet has a variety of 
uses and is now as popular in the field of high fashion as it is 
in the adornment of the home...

i am not quite sure where this pattern for crocheted ties sits:

high fashion anyone?

after much book related merriment, i do have to say that in the end the book spoke truth. my friend decided it was time "to become accomplished in this fascinating craft" herself. so i pulled out my spare hook and off we went... slowly slowly, i am turning all of my friends into crochet addicts. does that mean i have become a crochet-dealer of sorts?

1 comment:

Sandrine said...

LOL about the crochet dealer :)Oh looks like a cool book!

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