Wednesday, 30 June 2010

my creative space this week... full this week of ends. 

 and the threading in of ends. 

and i hereby swear a solemn oath: i will never again put down a granny square until i have threaded in the end. i will never again wait until i have put together the whole of the blanket to thread in the ends.

this threading in of ends is tedious to the extreme...  

hopefully your creative space is much more fun!

Friday, 25 June 2010

forebear friday

every week, hannah at chicken willow does a forebear friday post. she posts about one of her forebears, with a photo and some of her family history. i've thought it is such a great idea and i am hoping that she won't mind if i join in with her this week. 

this week i wanted to post about my maternal grandmother, my nan - marjory jane.
 pictured here with the love of her life, my gramps, norm.

marjory jane was always making things, sewing and knitting toys, painting and drawing. this blog is kind of a tribute to her. 

i inherited her button collection and much of her fabric stash, her love of travel, her knitting needles, her stubbornness, her creativity, her passion for recycling and refashioning, her sense of fun, her easy laughter, her coffee mugs. pictures she painted hang on my walls, the slippers she made me i still wear on my feet.

she would have turned 88 this week and i still miss her.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

more knitta please

so, it turns out that knitta please is not just for holidays. i've been riding past this for the last week or so on my way to and from work. 

there's something about knitted graffiti that just makes me smile. and the added benefit is that it makes me think of holidays...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

my creative space is...

...filled with 70's inspiration. my fabulous friend bought me this fabulous book from an op-shop:
 it looks like so much fun. 
although - if anyone knows what you do with a crocheted "calypso barbecue holder," feel free to let me know!
 as always, play along with the fabulous kirsty...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

travelling broadens the taste buds

one of the great things about travelling is being able to try new food. even better, being taught how to cook new food. 

while away i learnt how to enjoy and then how to make rusks (not the baby food, or the dog biscuit, but one of south africa's favourite biscuits).

we made them over there:
and then yesterday, i made them here at home. 

 {photo to be inserted here. turns out although i have now found my camera cord, my camera and my computer are not playing nicely together and i am on my way out. i did make them though - i really did} EDIT: ok so now they are playing together again, phew!

pleased to say they turned out great!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

crochet baby...

ok, so its a little embarrassing really. i took my crochet half-way round the world, had five glorious weeks on holiday, and yet managed to do very little hooking. oops... i did join a few squares together of the baby blanket. but really...
the worst of it is, since i was home alone all of last weekend, and it was cold and quiet, i spent the weekend hooking. and so, lookie here: i got more done in th last few days than the whole time away. still, at least it is coming together. it might even be finished before the baby is (ten weeks to go).

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

umm, so...

i'd just like to say that i really am back. my advice though - don't unpack while jet lagged. it seems that i have unpacked my camera cord and put it away somewhere very safe. and now that i am feeling better and more awake, i can't find it anywhere. 

which makes sharing crafty goodness very difficult. 

so instead i'll share a few more holiday snaps (downloaded before i put the camera cord away safely) and keep looking for that cord. 

it has to be here somewhere...

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