Tuesday, 27 November 2012

the race is on...

14 days til we head home...15 squares to do...

Do you think I'll make it?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

baby proof necklaces part 2

I was so excited about this idea that I posted the beginnings of this necklace last week. So I thought I'd show you it all finished...

And here is the next on that I am working on - it's going to be circles of various sizes (single colour), joined together (rather than on a chain). I am really liking the way it is turning out...  

Oh, and I meant to ask - how did/are you managing to baby proof your jewelry? Have you bothered or have you just stopped wearing it? And do you have any tips or suggestions for me (little-miss-e is definately at the grabbing stage)? (and how many of these necklaces do you think I can get away with making!?)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

my unsuccessful blog or blogging good enough

I read a post from Maxabella today that made me annoyed. Which was odd, seeing I usually find Maxabella enjoyable. But this post is titled "How to give good blog." It appears to be the first installment of a series on blog improvement. There was nothing in it that was intended to offend - she talks quite clearly about the steps one should be taking to blog successfully. So it wasn't so much the content of the post but the concept. (Ok so there is a bit of the content I will rant about too, but more on that later).

Blog improvement seems to be in fashion - Pip from Meet me at Mike's is currently running a blog school and there are thousands of posts out there on how to make you blog bigger and better and get more followers and more traffic or how to turn your blog into you job. And I'm ok with people who are keen to improve their blogs.

The issue for me is about they way most of these posts define blogging success, for by most of the criteria marjoryjane is unsuccessful. I am yet to hit 20 followers despite blogging at marjoryjane for years. I still frequently have posts that no one comments on. And when I didn't post much in 2011, I didn't receive a flood of email from my virtual community asking me if I was ok. In fact I don't think I received even one. I am a blogging failure.

Maxabella in her post advises against "just" blogging about your life. Apparently "blogging about yourself and your life" isn't enough to have a successful blog. It won't result in the much wanted traffic that will make you a success. "You have to have a hook"

Well, I blog about myself and my ordinary everyday life. I can't blog about anything else. I don't have an "interesting lifestyle". I'm not interested in "starting a business" and I certainly don't have the time to "curate stuff from around the Internet".

I crochet. I live in inner-city Melbourne. I wear black with splashes of colour. I like to op-shop. I have a lovely husband and now have a baby girl. I like to create stuff. I like to blog about the stuff that I make. I am aware that none of this makes me unique or necessarily all that interesting.

But you know what - I decided long ago that I blog good enough. I am content in my blogging. I am content with what I do and how I do it. I blog as regularly as I can about the stuff I am interested in. marjoryjane is where I record the things I make and it is where I connect with other ordinary everyday life bloggers. And I hope to blog unsuccessfully here at marjoryjane for years to come.

So here's to blogging good enough!

Flea market finds

So we went a-flea-marketing-today. It was so hot and sunshiney here today, that in the end we didn't stay long. Little-miss-e needed a sleep and there was no shade to be seen, so a-home-we-went again.

But not too soon, not before we got what we had gone for. See we wanted to get some handmade Christmas decorations as pressies for my family (as we will arrive back home shortly before Christmas). And we found these - aren't they lovely.

They were hanging from a wire baobab tree, and so we bought the tree too! Its going to be our African Christmas tree.

There is now just the small matter of working out how on earth we get it home...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

baby proof necklaces

Ok ok, so even though it isn't finished yet, I thought I'd post about the fun I had today. But first some background. We are currently thousands of miles from home. We have been for a month now, and have about another month until we head home and for reasons I can't quite explain (except for due to baby-brain) I forgot to bring any jewelry. Which is weird because I used to wear necklaces every day. Well, before Little Miss E I did. Since having her, I pretty much stopped wearing any jewelery. Thinking about it, I have realised that part of the issue is that I didn't have any baby proof necklaces - things that aren't hard on her head when I'm holding her, or sharp, or small that she might break and then swallow...

So then yesterday I had some inspiration whilst wool shopping after seeing some lovely coloured cottons. And so today in between feeding and playing and nappy changing I whipped up a crochet square necklace (or I almost did - I've just got to sew the squares on, and do the ends)...

I bought a few other colours and have plans for a few more and I'm sure they'll look even better. And they will be pretty much baby-proof - nothing to pull off, nothing to break, nothing hard and completely washable.

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