Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So much to do and say and tell, but with little Miss E stirring in the background, we may have to make do with a photo and the words:
 "exciting new project"

Seriously, how cool is this granny square! Its a test run for my new project (and no, I haven't quite finished my mobile, more on that later - if she stays asleep). See, my good friend is having another baby, and seeing I made her first this rug, I thought I'd make something for this bub as well. But what to make for a March baby? My usual rug or booties seemed too hot for a babe born in early Autumn. But then I found this pattern, and decided why not! A rug is always useful! Now to pick some colours and get going.

And, well, I also thought why not - gratuitous photo of the now awake litte Miss E, gotta fly...
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