Sunday, 11 July 2010

crocheting crafternoons

ahh, don't you just love crafternoons. craft, coffee, food - what's not to love!
some friends and i had another one of our semi-regular crafternoons yesterday. it was really lovely. curried pumpkin and parnip soup. double chocolate muffins, freshly brewed coffee and the star attraction - crochet. 
i was finishing off the baby blanket (more on that another time), and a couple of my friends wanted to learn crochet. so a-crochet-teaching-i-will-go i thought to myself. 

despite claims that it looked too hard, and would be impossible to remember how to do. by the end of the crafternoon, there were squares being produced around the room, and i even had to leave my spare crochet hook on loan... 
 (and i did warn them about this crochet thing being addictive - it really should come with a warning label!)

1 comment:

Sally said...

What a wonderful afternoon :)

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