Monday, 1 August 2011


i really do have an awful lot to say. there are so many things to share with you - stories of our wedding and honeymoon and of visiting family and of wedding receptions. of packing my life into boxes and suitcases, and then trying to unpack and settle into a new house, a new area of melbourne, a new married life. there are stories and pictures and tales a mile long. but for now, with this dodgy borrowed internet and a brief snatch of time, the things i want to say are different. 

see, i've been thinking a lot recently about how you make a house a home... for me, this has been harder than i would have expected. harder than i ever remember it being. i've moved lots of times, but never before struggled to feel at home. 

when we first moved in here, i thought it would be about having your stuff, familiar things, unpacked and put away. things you've had for years out and in use. but i am realising that it is deeper than that. each box we've unpacked and put away, for me, hasn't made this house feel any more like ours. 
then i was thinking it would be about living in the space. but we've been here 5 weeks now, and although it does feel more like home. it still doesn't feel like ours. i still don't quite feel comfortable in this space. i feel a bit like i am all elbows and knees and my clothes are too big and i'm wearing somebody else's shoes. i feel a bit like we're living in the in between. 

so yesterday i tried a different tack - i got outside and stuck my fingers in the dirt and planted this:

a rosemary bush. a solid thing. and maybe as it settles in and puts its roots down, we too will spread our roots deeply here and feel at home.

what about you? what makes you feel at home?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

hello there!

it's been quite awhile, i know. and i have to say it will be a little longer. see we don't yet have internet in our new home, and that makes blogging - and catching up you guys, with my favourite bloggers, very difficult.

but in the meantime, i thought i'd share these couple of pics of our wedding day with you all...

taken by the lovely ilona from illlyphotography 

so here's to the internet coming soon to a house near me... we'll catch up then!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

a continued pause...

well, here we are- in the final straight! we are nearly down to single digits in our days-til-the-wedding count!

oh the things i have been doing: making lists, packing and moving and unpacking, the organising, more packing.... 

but, i've also been doing a little bit of crafting - hurridly trying to finish this blanket before the wedding for a friend who is due soon:   

oh, and i've been doing a little bit of cooking - remember my caramel slice - well, i'm part way through making 180 pieces to serve to our wedding guests! 

mmm, massive amounts of gluten free caramel slice....

but mostly i've been wedding/reception/moving/honeymoon/travel/second reception planning, and hence not around here very much...

and it will be a few weeks still - see after the wedding and honeymoon, we are heading overseas for a month or so to celebrate our marriage with the engineer's family (and have a second wedding reception - woo hoo!). so i won't be back here 'til July. but needless to say, i'll still be doing crocheting, knitting, sewing, making food and stuff, but i won't be able to share it with you all til then...

see you in July though, by which time i'll be mrs marjoryjane!

Monday, 11 April 2011

more stencil art

so, it seems like the "be free" stencil artist has been busy. i caught site of another one today, sorry the pic isn't great. was trying to take this before the traffic light went green...
i've had lots of great feedback about the last one i posted. so i then went in search of the artist who is behind these "be free" stencil/pasties. 

no luck sorry. images to live by has a couple of posts about the same artist, in the same area, but that is all i can find. 

needless to say i'll keep my eyes peeled, and my camera at the ready for the next installment! 

Monday, 4 April 2011

not much time today

the countdown is on - under 5 weeks to go - so things are pretty busy 'round here. but at least at the moment, there is some crafting going on...
hope all is going well in your part of the blogosphere! we will catch up soon (hopefully)!

Monday, 28 March 2011

nothing to do with anything

well, except graffiti and stenciling and knitting and jam and...

firstly: check this out! i rode past it yesterday and absolutely had to stop and take a pic 

i love stencil art! and this one particularly - the cards are real. such a fabulous design! so i just had to share. 

in other news, whilst i've been too busy to blog, i still have been finding scraps of time to get creative. i have put down the hook and picked up the needles for a bit - and learnt a new stitch - moss - its really easy and quite enjoyable and works perfectly with this wool.  
don't you think? who knows, maybe this year i will get addicted to knitting!

i've also been making burnt fig emergency jam - its fig emergency time of year-

and in other other news - 6 weeks to go. woo hoo!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


ahh, a night off. no one else at home and a few moments to catch up with some of my lovely blogging friends...

 and to share this:
image from here
apparently his name is domo - and he is the mascot for a japanese tv station. but the reason he is here is more to do with wedding planning! see, i thought i'd do one of those cute mosaic photo-board things, to show you a couple of the things i have been checking out in the last few weeks. but i haven't figured out how to do that, so instead - here are a couple of the other pics that are flying 'round my head...
from here

from here
from here

 i like blue and red together. what do you reckon?

Saturday, 19 February 2011


i've not forgotten you - life is just so busy! and there is no time for doing craft, let alone blog hopping and posting. so sorry. 

but planning this getting married thing seems to be taking up lots of my free time and free headspace. the time and headspace i usually use for craft and blogging type things. 

but this afternoon, well there is finally some time to catch up and have a bit of a break.

ahh, (choc-caramel slice recipe from here - turns out AMAZING!) 

and reading this book, with some fabulous inspiration, for when i again have time to create!


Monday, 7 February 2011


i don't usually post much about personal stuff here. i figure i have a craftish and foodish blog - so that is what i usually post about. 

but i wanted to show you this:


we're getting married! 

i feel astoundingly blessed, very thankful and really very excited!

(so i maybe a little bit haphazard in my posting and in my visiting your blog over the next few months in the lead up to our wedding - sorry in advance!) 

EDIT: just after posting this, i visited maxabella, who is co-hosting a "bling on love" lead up to valentine's day blog hop - check it out! mazabella has great timing!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

crochet addictions (and some other stuff)

just one more post about my crochet addiction (for the moment at least). but what else do you do, when going into an op-shop and finally finding a pile of crochet hooks*!

how could i possibly leave them there? lovely metal hooks, with such a nice feel! i never never never find crochet hooks in op-shops, and i got this whole bundle for 50 cents! love love love it

so the bit not about crochet: while we were on holiday, the little church around the corner from where we were staying had a garage sale. we poured over everything, and i got a pile of wool, and a pile of books. including this one. first of all i walked past it, i mean its nothing to look at from the outside:

but flipping it open:


what's not to love about it!  patterns for 70's children's toys. sewing patterns, knitting patterns, clothing patterns. can't wait to get started on them all!

*i have asked it before - but can someone please explain to me why op-shops always have an abundance of knitting needles, but there is never a crochet hook to be seen!?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

holiday projects

ok, so as well as taking holiday snaps of crochet, i also worked on finishing a holiday crochet project, which i started some time ago:

all pinned out
 and here it is, all done:

now all i have to do is make it from here to the post office to send it to my mum! its so far only a few days late for her birthday...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

holiday snaps

hello there! and welcome to 2011!

i've been holidaying, and i think i have a confession to make. well a further admission of my addiction:

you know you're addicted to crochet when...

you only take eight photos for the whole of your holiday, and SIX of them are this:

 the crocheted tablecloth at one of the places we stayed. in my defense, i liked the pattern. and by taking photos, i can probably copy it, or make something similar, or make some granny-ish squares a bit like it. 

ok, there really is no defense. 

how 'bout you? was your holiday filled with crocheted tablecloth photos? 
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