Saturday, 25 September 2010

packing for a bbq

so, i didn't finish my owls from thursday yet, but that's ok. see i've packed them all up to take with me today. i'm going to a bbq, yep a footy grand final bbq...

caveat: for those who are not from melbourne/victoria/australia, footy (aussie rules or afl as it is also known) is not just a sport, but its more of a religion 'round these parts (personally i prefer the kind of religion that's about following jesus, rather than following the antics of forty-odd blokes running around chasing after a ball, but that's just me).  so if you are a footy fan, sorry that i have probably offended you already, and you should probably turn away now, you'll be somewhat horrified at what i have to say next: end caveat.

living in the state of victoria for awhile now and in melbourne for a number of years, i am used to the grand final and the inevitable grand final bbqs that go with it. and i do enjoy them. the grand final is something worth celebrating. see to me, the grand final spells the end of the footy season and the beginning of a few months respite before it all starts up again early next year.

but grand final bbqs do require packing. see, as everyone around me watches intently and lives and dies with each goal scored, i am planning on quietly keeping my eyes on my hands as i hand sew the faces on the owls, and if i have time (the matches seriously take more than two hours) i'm also planning on being able to do some more work on my new crochet project. i like being 'round people. i like bbqs and i like making stuff and well, if there happens to be footy going on in the background, i can cope with that...

if you are a footy fan, sorry if i have just horrified you. just know that i am sure to horrify everyone at the grand final bbq today too. but like i said, i do think that the grand final is something worth celebrating!

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