Monday, 13 September 2010

i'm late late late late late

it's just one of those days. when it feels like there is too much to do and no time to do it.
what it really comes down to, i think is that idea of expecting too much of myself and my abilities to achieve things in my day off. but there's no time to post a reflection about that today. i'm late!

but i did really want to share a sneak peak of my new crochet project. 
who knew a circle was so hard to make flat! (this is my second attempt).

and check out this fabulous tea towel, an opshopped gift from a friend. it covers so many of the places we went on our holiday. its like the teatowel souvenir we should have bought!
 and if you have time - do check out gina's post on mono-tasking for a more reflective post on the topic of time and expectations and use of time. something i have been thinking about, and intend on doing a bit more of, just not today. today i am way too busy...

1 comment:

Sandrine said...

Hope you got a little break (or will get ) to breathe after your busy time!Aren't Op shop amazing with surprises sometimes!:)Have a good week x

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