Monday, 20 September 2010

ahh, op-shopping

it felt like i hadn't done a good lot of op-shopping for a while, so it has been great over the last month or so to catch up on some of my favourite op-shops and even check out a few new ones. 

i've gotten some great things! like these fabulous shoes:

and some more great linen (table cloths and serviettes). 

and best of all, a spare crochet hook...

(one of the downsides to teaching all my friends to crochet is that i inevitably lend them a crochet hook to practice with. the end result being that i only have one hook left!)

and on a side note - can anyone explain to me why op-shops always have a big bunch of knitting needles, but there is pretty much never a crochet hook to be seen? its a mystery i can't understand... 


Maxabella said...

I imagine it's because everyone always lends theirs to their friends and never sees them again so there's nothing left for Vinnies?

Your new spotty shoes are fab!!!! x

Miss Muggins said...

I love those shoes indeedy! You did find some great goodies.

Vic said...

Ooooh yeah, spotty shoes rock! does opping, of course...!

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