Monday, 25 January 2010

holidays and projects (the second)

so, i'm on holidays this week (i know, who'd be me!) and just before i head off to the beach, i thought i would pop up the second in my holiday project series.

button necklaces:

the idea for these came from a necklace a friend of mine bought in england. i just loved the simplicity and the slight randomness of it. so i made two...

and all of the buttons come from the fabulous button collection i inherited from my grandmother. they are very wearable, and i often get lovely comments on them. simple projects made from stuff you have lying around at home are my favourite types of projects. (except maybe for projects that involve a little bit of op-shopping).

well, i best get back to packing - i wonder where i put my sunscreen...

Monday, 18 January 2010

christmas tree packing

so, a few days late, i know, but i have finally taken down my christmas decorations and dismantled my christmas tree

see, i am late because before i did that i had to have somewhere to put it. it being new and all, i was planning on popping down to the fabric shop and getting me some cheap christmas fabric in a post-christmas sale. but, instead on my last op-shop visit, i found this fabulous christmas table cloth 

made it into a bag 

and voila, one christmas tree safely packed away 'til next christmas.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

holidays and projects

aren't holidays so much fun! mine were full of all sorts of lovely goodness. much food and family and friends and beaches and hanging round at home and (whispers quietly) cricket and of course, crafting... 

oh the crafting i did - making, sewing, unpicking, threading buttons, crocheting. and as i slowly drag myself back into the everyday, i am keen to share some of my holiday projects...

the owl bag:

see, i got a request for a bag. i thought and thought and decided it should be made out of a pillowcase (ok, a fairly obvious choice given my current obession), lined with the sheet, and with a thread sketched design - an owl. 


and it has a little internal pocket for the keeping of a phone, and a zip to keep the things inside it all secure...

i am really happy with it, and so is it's new owner! don't you love it when you sit down with an idea in your head and by the end of the afternoon, there it is in front of you!

Monday, 11 January 2010

a (late) chrocheted nativity scene

so, i was going to post about this before christmas (which would have made a lot more sense than now), but life / holidays / christmas itself got in the way. so here is my (late) final post for 2009.

i got this fabulous macrame nativity scene book for my birthday. it is so, so much fun. unfortunately though, i have no idea how to macrame - so i borrowed a friend's crochet hook (i didn't have any small enough) and decided to crochet the nativity scene instead. however, i since i started this the week before christmas, it's going to be a bit of an ongoing project...

still, i am pretty pleased with how mary, baby jesus and the manger all turned out!
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