Monday, 28 September 2009

a new obsession

so, i am an op-shopper (thrift-shopper) from way back. but recently i have developed a new op-shop obsession. pillow cases. its kinda weird, but also makes much sense. see it all started with the vintage pillow case veggie bags i made a little while ago. i am in love with them. i use them all the time and am finding that 4 is not enough. so a few weeks ago i popped down to the op shop to grab another pillow case to make some more (using pillowcases is brilliant, as some of the seams are already done, and being second hand or vintage - they are often well worn and therefore very light weight). i came home with a couple and put them on a pile of my things to do. then today, i popped into an op-shop during lunch (it was right next to the post office) and came out with another 3 (oh, and a brown and orange linen tablecloth). the fabric in the pillowcases is really lovely. i enjoy the patterns and the different styles. today i came up with a great plan too. a new pillowcase project i'm pretty excited about it, i really think it will work - now its just finding the time to make all these pillow case projects up!

Friday, 25 September 2009

more holiday knitta please

ok, so i have the dreaded post holiday lurgy - i'm stuck at home on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and trying really hard not to cough all over my nearest and dearests. so i thought i would share this holiday gem with you to cheer myself up. i seem to stumble across knitta please when i go away (see here). this is not a bad thing, not at all. and as i was walking along todd mall in alice springs on my first night there and came across this tree. how fantastic is it! done as part of the alice springs desert festival that was on while i was there. i love seeing how the idea of knitted graffiti has spread so far around the world. i have a few more holiday snaps that i may post, but mostly it was a time of reflection, relaxing and planning. i have so many schemes running around my head, inspired by the colours and textures of the red centre (and by the very long drives between places which gave time for thinking, pondering and planning).

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

my (holiday) creative space

ahh, holidays... don't you love them! this was my creative space this week. a space with a view. crocheting along at glen helen gorge, about an hour and a bit from alice springs. i repeat - i love holidays. play along with kirsty and all the other spacers...

Thursday, 10 September 2009

my (not so) creative space

so, its been one of those crazy weeks. no real time for creativity, what with having a quick trip to canberra for my brother's birthday on the weekend (due to a cancelled flight and having to rebook for saturday morning, i mean quick - at least it was over 24 hrs. even if only just). and then having to work on my day off... so i thought i would share my not so creative space (ie my desk at work) even my keep cup has been working hard (thanks gina) - the weeks leading up to holidays are always so frantic, and i have been busy like crazy. but still for the next two weeks - holidays. oh the joy! for people's actual creative spaces, as always see the inspiring kirsty. and, i'll see (blog/read/share/comment) with you all in two or so weeks...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

ahh, spring

how much do you love spring! i just love love love the fact that winter is finally over and there is finally hope that it will get warm again... EDIT - thanks Gina for the suggestion, and i have decided to play along with Bug and Pop's eye-spy meme this week as the topic is "something blooming".

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

(an early) my creative space

my space at the moment looks a bit like this... well, this isn't really my creative space so much as my pile of current projects that have been pushed aside for the last few weeks. they have been just piling up on the dining table as i have been working hard to finish my soft sculpture piece for the exhibition echos lost. now that the piece is done (although yet to be named), i can finally have some time to continue working on making the old jumper into something new (the dark green wool and granny squares). and to finally finish my first granny squaring project - which is slowly but surely turning into a doll's blanket for my god-daughter (in the basket up the back on the ironing board). and to make some more veggie bags (there is fabric in this pic, it's just buried under everything else), as they have proved so very useful i have decided i need some more. oh, and the LP guide - i'm going on holidays next friday (eek! holidays, how exciting) to Alice Springs, and a bit of reading up and planning is in the works as well. i'm a bit early this week, but for other creative spacers (as always) see kirsty...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

echos lost

so exciting! i love it when you have an idea in your head, you spend time nurturing and developing the idea, then work on all the elements and then in one swoop put it all together - and standing back, you think - thats exactly how i wanted it to look! i've mentioned before that i am have a piece in a melbourne fringe festival exhibition called echos lost. well, last night, just a few days before deadline, i finished my piece. its soft sculpture - made from papercut and wool and now it is finally done. and i'm really happy with it. i don't want to post it finished until the exhibition is up, but here is just a little taster... EDIT - Sayraphim, from Page 63 of your manual (who is curating the exhibition) has had an artist pull out. she is looking for someone to participate in the exhibition and fill that space - email her if you want to be part...
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