Saturday, 22 August 2009

bad days

there is an upside to having bad days. a week or so ago, i was having a bad day and seeing i was in the general vicinity of brunswick st in fitzroy, i popped into meet me at mikes and bought myself a copy of homemade. (such a fabulous recipe book made for the survivors of the victorian bushfires - check it out). and leafing through it made me feel so much better. and then today i was having another bad day. (long story, i won't bore you all with it). and i decided the best plan was to make something out of my new recipe book. these are the lovely choc-chip cookies on p122. cooking and chocolate - things that always make me feel better. so sometimes, bad days can result in good things...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

another look

so i went shopping this morning and used my new post-life pillowcase veggie bags. seeing blooger and i are back on photo friendly terms, i thought i would post a pic of them in action... potatoes in one, and onions in the other. i love it!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

my creative space

my space is filled this week with the best somebody else's birthday present i have ever received. see i was one of the lucky winners from gina's birthday soapbox giveaway. as i never win anything, i was most pleased to win this lovely bundle of stuff - some floral fabric and some vintage serviettes and a doily and a keep cup. and all wrapped up in such a fabulous bag, with a sweet little note. thanks gina - my head is bubbling with ideas... play along with kirsty here.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

a little project

i have always found plastic bags a bit of a frustration at the supermarket. i take along my own bags for the groceries at the end and i always just pop my veggies loose in the bottom of the trolley. but beans and the like remain problematic - i inevitably end up having to use the plastic bags they supply. the bags (usually) work beautifully getting my beans from the shelf to my dinner, but then i just throw them out. they are too little to re-use as bin liners, and my imagination peters out after that. ahh, but not anymore. leonie's post about her hula potato bags got me thinking and gina's quick and dirty sewing project gave me further inspiration. i combined the two ideas with a little op-shopping and here we have it. four post-life pillowcase veggie bags. i picked this pillowcase, both because it is so pretty, but its also very lightweight fabric. and i used both white ribbon and yellow bias binding i had at home for the drawstrings. so now, off to the supermarket to try them out...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

and the beginnings of the new

just a sneak peak of the new that i am making from my old, unfinished and tragically unfashionable jumper i posted about below. it's crocheting fun - how can i resist sharing...

Monday, 3 August 2009

where the old, unfinished and tragically unfashionable becomes new again

so, i posted about how i went to canberra a few weekends ago and got to hang out with some family. well, talk with my step-mother turned to crafting, knitting and my new found crochet skills. she then reminded me of the jumper i had starting knitting when i was in high school. not only that, she pulled it out of the cupboard, and asked me if i was ever going to finish it... ah, no. i do remember that i even had to knit the back twice, as my tension had gone way out, and it ended up far too big. but still, there is no way i would wear this - what was it with short and wide as a fashion statement? so after much reminiscing and a little discussion about the wool itself, i have decided the moment has come and the unraveling has begun.
watch this space for some fun crocheting goodness - i have such a plan!
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