Monday, 18 June 2012

what i've been up to...

Its a bit baby-central 'round these parts. I'm currently on maternity leave and one would think that would leave me nicely swanning around with lots of time up my sleeve for creating and blogging. But alas - it is not so! Instead I've actually been surprisingly busy (and I am counting the mandatory afternoon nap as 'busy'). Still there has been some creating 'round these parts.

Mostly I've been working on my crocheted mobile:

the clown fish is almost finished. It is kinda a bit from this pattern, but I wanted it a little bigger, so I've adapted a little along the way.And I also couldn't work out the fins from the pattern (the fault is with me, I'm sure, not the pattern itself), so I based the fins on this pic:

What do you think? Is it looking like the photo it's based on?

And to those who guessed: I am attempting to make a sleeping bag! It is nearly there too, just another couple of rows, I think and it'll be done.

How 'bout you - have you been up to creating things lately?


angeliki said...

very nice fish, and nice colours! I started making a little purse today, don't know when I'm gonna finish it though
Have a nice say,

becclebee said...

thanks! I am pretty happy with it! And good work on that purse - hopefully you'll get time to finish it soon...

beetree said...

Hi Becclebee! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the link for a yummy dessert. Your clown fish is adorable, I'm sure your baby will love it! I just finished a mobile for my 5 month old and will be posting pics soon- but she loves it! It makes it even more rewarding to see them get excited about something you've made. :)

beetree said...

PS Naps DEFINITELY count! ;)

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