Monday, 4 June 2012

unexpected op shop delights

I just had one of those moments while op-shopping today. One of those is-that-what-I-think-it-is?! moments. An unexpected op-shop delight.

See, I was op-shopping while on holiday in January about 100km from home. And I stumbled across the cutest fitted cot sheet.

I loved it and seeing we didn't have any cot sheets at all, felt completed justified in my purchase.

Fast forward to today and op-shopping unsuccessfully for a couple of things a few kms from home, as I am heading to the door I wander past this

it's the flat sheet - same print, same size! I couldn't quite believe it! And so, even though it was $4 (a bit expensive I thought for a cot sheet), I couldn't leave it behind. How delightful - I now have the set!

And it got me thinking about the slightly amazingly/slightly crazy experience that op-shopping can be. The best example that I know of actually happened to my mum and Nan when my Nan was in her 70s. They were op shopping close to my Nan's home and while looking through the doilies, came across a doily that my Nan had actually made as a teenager! She recognised her own work straight away, including the mistakes she had made and how she thought the reverse wasn't neat enough! Needless to say they bought it, and it now sits pride of place on my mum's sideboard...

How 'bout you? What's your best unexpected op-shop delight?

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Sally said...

It was meant to be.

Art and Sand said...

What a lovely poignant story.

I don't know what "op shopping " is though.

angeliki said...

Hi marjoryjane!
Cute set!The truth is that I don't know if we have something similar to an op-shop! So, in an op-shop you buy used things, donated by others? Always interesting to learn new things!
Have an amazing week,

becclebee said...

Sorry for the confusion - an op-shop is the Aussie term for a second hand shop or a charity shop. Basically people donate the stuff they no longer want to a charity and then the charity sells it in an op-shop (short for opportunity shop - not that that really makes it clearer).

angeliki said...

Thanks for making it clearer!It's something not widely spread in Greece!

peli said...

well lucky you!!!
i on the other hand am the unluckiest person on earth...i see smt i like and then someone else gets it before me and i realize it was the last piece...every time!!!!!
have a lovely week and enjoy your new set!!!!

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