Thursday, 28 June 2012

my creative space

My creative space this week has a finished starfish (mostly I followed this pattern)

and a half done hermit crab!

(sorry the pic of the crab shell isn't great - because of the colours and textures in the shell it hasn't photographed well). I sort of followed medium seashell 4 from  this pattern. Well, I followed it a bit, and then decided that I needed the shell to be bigger, so I went off on my own a bit too...

The issue for me is now whether or not the mobile will be finished before the baby is! I'm having a bit of trouble with making the crab itself now that the shell is pretty much done. Probably I should work on following patterns a bit more before I try to make it up myself - but I just couldn't find a (free) pattern that I was happy with.

I've left the sea horse until last, as I am thinking that will be hardest one to make up as it has much less regular shapes. Still, I do have a pattern to base that one on, so hopefully it will go quickly.

How about you? Are you pressed for time in your creative space today?


angeliki said...

I like your starfish! My space is super full of creativity!

Catherine said...

Your starfish is very cute. I do hope you get a chance to get all of your sea creatures finished in time. Nothing is quite a pressing here creatively probably would be good if I did some crocheting on my blanket so we could use it this winter before it's over:) I think I'll write it only list of to do's this week. Have a great week.

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