Saturday, 9 June 2012

crafting disappointment

Today I tackled a pretty simple job - making a draught stopper for our hallway door. A lovely project for a cold and wet winter afternoon. So having completed it, I should be full of that warm creative glow - right?


Realistically, I've got that feeling of crafting disappointment. See, I should have measured the door (and the gap under it) much more carefully. I should have thought a bit more about adding in seam allowance. I should have measured my fabric more carefully and then stopped and added in another piece fabric when I thought I needed to (rather than taking the I'm-sure-it'll-be-fine road). I should have taken a bit more time for this quick project, and then I would have ended up with a draught stopper that will actually stop the draughts.

Instead I've got a not-quite-draught stopper, that doesn't quite cover the whole width of the doorway and it doesn't quite cover the whole of the gap under the door. On the plus side, it does look pretty while it is not-quite-doing-it's-job...

When I went to post about this not-quite-draught stopper, I confess, I was tempted to tell you all how great it is and how happy I am with it. But realistically, I am not always happy with the stuff I make. Things don't always turn out right, or like what I had planned in my head. At times that has to do with my skill level, at times to do with my tendency to just have-a-go and at times to do with my pride (and my stubborn assurance that I am sure I am doing it right, rather than stopping and re-thinking things through).

How about you? Do you have a tendency to assume you've got it right rather than stopping to check? And do you try to blog a positive spin, rather than admitting your disappointment in a project?


angeliki said...

Hi marjoryjane! I think you shouldn't be so dissapointed, because now you learnt and you'll never do the same mistake! Sometimes, I'm in also a hurry to complete something, but really try hard to acquire the philosophy, "measure twice, cut once". Anyway, I think it was right you didn't pretend to your post, that everything went well, cause perfect posts are really boring, no one is always perfect! If you check my blog you'll see some pictures when I started crocheting, which just present my progress and nothing more! But I'm ok with them, and like them!
Lots of kisses,

NessaKnits said...

Honey, I'm sure it would make a lovely gift for a friend that had a smaller doorway and a smaller gap. We can't all be perfect! Next time it will be "the new improved".

Ruth said...

Brilliant post! For the simple reason that it is so real. All of us have these same experiences of things not turnging out just right - so thanks for sharing yours. And the fabric you chose is really pretty - I'm sure it does a really good job of excluding draughts anyway! x

Sally said...

Should-a, would-a, could-a ... story of my life.
Ahh... yep - check out the pictures on my Sunday Snippets post and you'll see a skirt that I have not yet finished that might be a little oversized. Makes me think I might have body image issues. Perhaps three pregnancies in five years will do this to a person?!?!?
Mistakes are important to the journey - how can you grow and skill up with out them... so for me admitting them, recording them is important because then later on I can look back and see how far I've come.

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