Monday, 7 May 2012

a year of change

One year ago this week we said our vows and declared that we would share our lives together. It is amazing to think I has only been a year, it feels so right, so much like this is exactly where we should be, and almost like we have always been.

But this year, this first year of marriage has also been a year of change. We packed up two houses and moved and unpacked into a home of our own. Then, for long winded reasons, we had to pack up all those boxes again 4 months later and move again. And unpack again. We moved to a new area of Melbourne and had to find our way around and settle into new spaces, shops, cafes and streets.

We moved to a new church, and have been settling into a new church community. Making new connections and finding new ways to serve.

We have had to find ways to mold our separate (ofttimes stubborn) ways into joint ones. And find new ways to communicate, to grow together and to love each other.

And now, we are learning about how to become parents.

It's been a big year (and due to that, fairly blogless), but its been a great year. An amazing year. A very special year.

Here's to many more years to come...

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