Saturday, 12 May 2012

on being mum about mother's day

This year, for the first time, I qualify for mother's day. But I've been quite mum about it (terrible pun, I know, but it amused me).

See, I'm pregnant. Not just early-days-don't-want-to-tell-too-many-people-pregnant. But full belly-waddling-need-help-to-get-out-of-a-chair-pregnant. Only-four-weeks-left-of-work-pregnant. Just-about-to-pack-my-hospital-bag-pregnant.

I have people congratulating me and asking me when I am due all the time. Work associates, people I meet for the first time, shop assistants. People on the tram jump up to offer me a seat before I even ask. That is how pregnant I am.

At least when you meet me, that is how pregnant I am. Here, online, I've been a bit shy about it.

See, we told our family and close friends from about 8 weeks. Then told work and everyone else around 15 weeks. But I still haven't put it on facebook, despite there being a number of good friends (interstate and overseas) that we obviously haven't been able to tell in person. And I haven't really put it here yet. I mentioned it the other day, but on the whole I've been quiet about it online.

And the longer I have put it off, the harder it seems to be.

So here it is - I am pregnant. We're having a baby, due in mid-July.

And despite being quiet about it, we really are pretty excited!


Sally said...

Such an exciting time. Not long to go now. Big congratulations. Relax and enjoy these final moments as much as you can. Take care.

beetree said...

Hi and congratulations!!! Jumped over from I Made It So- the "bee" in your name caught my attention. :) What an amazing year for you...and it's about to get even better! All the best!

Miss Muggins said...

Huge congratulations on your exciting news xxxx

Seaweed and Raine said...

Oh Wow! Congratulations! :)
I only have 3.5 weeks left total (well, give or take - they tend to come when they please). Hope all goes well in the last little bit of work. Keep taking some time to put your feet up/rest. It helps a lot! :)

becclebee said...

thanks seaweed and raine. hope you also get a chance to put your feet up before your little one decides to come

Tracey said...

Just a bit excited!! I just decided to pop over to your blog, as today you commented on mine :) and I live to visit my readers.

Guess what? We are due same month. I'm v early July! Only 3 weeks and 4 days till 40 wks to go for meeee. How r u feeling?

Looking fwd to seeing a pic of the finished mobile. I too made our baby mobile, from felt and wood :) it's a nice feeling making baby little things here and there isn't it.

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