Thursday, 3 February 2011

crochet addictions (and some other stuff)

just one more post about my crochet addiction (for the moment at least). but what else do you do, when going into an op-shop and finally finding a pile of crochet hooks*!

how could i possibly leave them there? lovely metal hooks, with such a nice feel! i never never never find crochet hooks in op-shops, and i got this whole bundle for 50 cents! love love love it

so the bit not about crochet: while we were on holiday, the little church around the corner from where we were staying had a garage sale. we poured over everything, and i got a pile of wool, and a pile of books. including this one. first of all i walked past it, i mean its nothing to look at from the outside:

but flipping it open:


what's not to love about it!  patterns for 70's children's toys. sewing patterns, knitting patterns, clothing patterns. can't wait to get started on them all!

*i have asked it before - but can someone please explain to me why op-shops always have an abundance of knitting needles, but there is never a crochet hook to be seen!?


Sally said...

Oh my! What fantastic scores. 50c for crochet hooks - bargain. And that book - wow - what a hidden treasure. Enjoy.

Kelly Ingram said...

Such awesome finds! I'm so envious :-P I never find have any luck at op shops..

Miss Muggins said...

Some really good things came out of the 70's!
Great finds....and I know what you mean about crochet hooks in op shops - always a glut of knitting needles, often in mismatched bundles!
Happy retro creating!

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh i saw crochet hooks the other day but I cant crochet. Should have got them though if you say they are scarce.. Love the book!! Can't wait to see some creations :-)

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