Monday, 7 February 2011


i don't usually post much about personal stuff here. i figure i have a craftish and foodish blog - so that is what i usually post about. 

but i wanted to show you this:


we're getting married! 

i feel astoundingly blessed, very thankful and really very excited!

(so i maybe a little bit haphazard in my posting and in my visiting your blog over the next few months in the lead up to our wedding - sorry in advance!) 

EDIT: just after posting this, i visited maxabella, who is co-hosting a "bling on love" lead up to valentine's day blog hop - check it out! mazabella has great timing!


Felicity said...


I think we'd all agree that this is definitely the time to make an exception and post about something personal.
Your ring is amazing and I bet it's catching your eye [and those of others too] very often.

Felicity x

Anonymous said...

WOW! congratulations to you both. how exciting, a wedding to plan, sounds like you will be very preoccupied and rightly so. Yay for you!


Catherine said...

Congratulations! Lovely news x

Maxabella said...

That. is. so. brilliant! And not just cut either (heh, heh) Congratulations to you both. Man I love an engagement. Enjoy this crazy, wonderful time time in your life!!

Thanks for the link here to the Bling On Love linky. Make sure you pop over on 14 Feb and link up your post! x

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