Thursday, 27 January 2011

holiday snaps

hello there! and welcome to 2011!

i've been holidaying, and i think i have a confession to make. well a further admission of my addiction:

you know you're addicted to crochet when...

you only take eight photos for the whole of your holiday, and SIX of them are this:

 the crocheted tablecloth at one of the places we stayed. in my defense, i liked the pattern. and by taking photos, i can probably copy it, or make something similar, or make some granny-ish squares a bit like it. 

ok, there really is no defense. 

how 'bout you? was your holiday filled with crocheted tablecloth photos? 

1 comment:

The Clip Cafe said...

Photos yes crochet not so much as i can't do it. I love this though. I would probably have taken a pic too the pattern is very nice.

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