Thursday, 12 August 2010

the next project

so, i've been vaguely mentioning my next project for some time now - since i finished my last one actually. its a project that is going to be dear to my heart. see, i've got a nephew on the way he will be my sister's third, after a bit of a gap. her other two were born while our nan was around. and our very crafty nan made them all sorts of things. things like this:
i inherited a whole lot of stuff from my nan, part of which includes her fabric stash. its full of bits and pieces, scraps and chunks. fabrics that remind me of my childhood, of the things she made for me. and the same fabrics that nan used to make things for my sister's kids.

seeing she isn't around to make things for this new nephew-on-the-way, i want to. i want to make something out of her fabrics, out of her legacy. i'm not that great at softies, so i am heading in a slightly different direction. but i am starting to get a picture of what it will look like, and i'll tell you the details as they come together, so its still a bit of a watch this space project. its on its way. like my nephew. fortunately, he isn't due until december, so i've got a bit of time...

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Sayraphim said...

Oh, that's such a wonderful idea!

Really heart warming :)

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