Monday, 9 August 2010

baby blanket postscript

so, i thought i'd do a little post-script on the baby blanket i had been making for so so long. as you know i gave it to the parents-to-be a few weeks before their baby was actually due. and well, i was glad i did, as their little girl decided to come early. all good and healthy, just teeny tiny. 

anyway, i went to visit them in hospital, and was blown away by the fact that the first time i met her, she was wrapped in the blanket i had made. not yet 24 hrs old, and covered in something that i had made for her. it made me really happy. 

then a few days later i got a txt from her mum that said 
"i just wanted to say your blanket has been the best thing ever.
she's had it on constantly since she was born.
it's a perfect size and weight and just so cheerful to cuddle up with.
thanks so much."

i hesitated a little while before posting about this. at first it seemed gratuitous and all self-congratulatory. but i've been thinking about it, and for me, this is what craft is about. making stuff, be it craft or sewing or making food, is about showing love. for me, its practical love, love embodied in this thing i give to you. something helpful. something to nourish your body or your soul, that nourishes my soul as i give it. and its kinda nice when the person you give it to gets that as well.


Miss Muggins said...

awwwwww, what a gorgeous photo. You should be so proud that all your hardwork is so loved and appreciated. It sure makes it all worth while.

Gina said...

Dang it, you should be proud! And what fabulous timing Bec... (I now know who the recipient was :))

Sally said...

Oh wow! That is so special. I can just imagine how chuffed you would be to see the blanket being used and then to receive such wonderful thanks. Wonderful. Truly wonderful.

... and what a beautiful baby. So so very beautiful.

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