Friday, 25 June 2010

forebear friday

every week, hannah at chicken willow does a forebear friday post. she posts about one of her forebears, with a photo and some of her family history. i've thought it is such a great idea and i am hoping that she won't mind if i join in with her this week. 

this week i wanted to post about my maternal grandmother, my nan - marjory jane.
 pictured here with the love of her life, my gramps, norm.

marjory jane was always making things, sewing and knitting toys, painting and drawing. this blog is kind of a tribute to her. 

i inherited her button collection and much of her fabric stash, her love of travel, her knitting needles, her stubbornness, her creativity, her passion for recycling and refashioning, her sense of fun, her easy laughter, her coffee mugs. pictures she painted hang on my walls, the slippers she made me i still wear on my feet.

she would have turned 88 this week and i still miss her.


Sally said...

She sounds like a marvelous woman... so very understandable that you miss her. Beautiful that the two of you will always be connected through the things you make.

Chicken Willow said...

I don't mind at all!! Thanks for joining in.

I love that you've got a photo of Marjory working at the sewing machine. I can't find any of my Grandmother (also Marjory) sitting at hers. You've got so much to remind you of her. xx

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