Tuesday, 3 August 2010

ahh, the joy of computers

 well, we are back up and running, and i am thankful for the engineers in my life - one who hassled and hassled me a few months ago, until i finally got an external hard-drive and did a back-up of everything (well, most things). and another engineer, who was able to save almost all of the other things, before fixing my computer and after quite a bit of work, finally getting it to talk to the internet again. 

but in crafty news, well, to be honest, despite my extra computer free time, i've not been as crafty busy as i'd like. i'm still procrastinating on starting my new project. i think its the mess that it will entail. see, its a fabric based project and to start, i am really going to need to a few solid hours of uninterrupted planning- to pull everything out of my fabric stash. oh and i'll need some decent fabric scissors too (any suggestions are welcome).

so in the mean-time, i have been crocheting for my secondary back-up refashioning project. it will eventually be a two-person sized granny rug for snuggling under in the lounge room. i'm up to 50 squares, only about a billion to go! 

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