Monday, 3 August 2009

where the old, unfinished and tragically unfashionable becomes new again

so, i posted about how i went to canberra a few weekends ago and got to hang out with some family. well, talk with my step-mother turned to crafting, knitting and my new found crochet skills. she then reminded me of the jumper i had starting knitting when i was in high school. not only that, she pulled it out of the cupboard, and asked me if i was ever going to finish it... ah, no. i do remember that i even had to knit the back twice, as my tension had gone way out, and it ended up far too big. but still, there is no way i would wear this - what was it with short and wide as a fashion statement? so after much reminiscing and a little discussion about the wool itself, i have decided the moment has come and the unraveling has begun.
watch this space for some fun crocheting goodness - i have such a plan!


Gina said...

oh, come on... roll-necks, so hot right now!!!

becclebee said...

roll-necks maybe, but i stand by my original satement about short and wide. and there is crocheting to be done!

Sayraphim said...

AHAHAHAHA... That's hilarious! Although the 80s seems to be in with the Youth at the moment... You could seem more hip by wearing hand made vintage 80s jumpers. It's got craft, it's got vintage, it's got handmade, there's nothing funkier!

Unraveling unwanted projects is called Frogging. However, the past tense of "Frogged" seems weird. But congrats on reptiling your old and ugly! Can't wait to see what you're going to create...

Nikki Cardigan said...

I LOVE this story! 10 points to your step-mum for storing that for so long, and a bonus 10 for asking if you are ever going to finish it!

So if we move past the fact you were obviously knitting this to wear it (that is funny!), can I ask where you had planned to wear a roll neck, long sleeve mid-riff?

PS. If you reply and tell me the Skate Rink, I might choke from laughing!

becclebee said...

i'm not sure i had a specific place i was going to wear it, but i knew i would look so damn cool when i did. it was in canberra, so i didn't need a skate rink - it is so cold there in winter, i would have worn this proudly to school probably.

and yeah, i couldn't believe my step mother not only still had the thing, but knew exactly where it was and found it within about 10 seconds of raising it in our conversation!

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