Tuesday, 4 June 2013

granny sqaure cup cosy

Do you remember cup cosies? They were all the rage a couple of years back. You couldn't mosy 'round the blogosphere without running into one. At the time, I confess, I thought: what a silly idea. A cup cosy - I thought, why don't people just drink their tea!

Well, fast forward and these days I feel like I hardly ever get to finish my tea. I start a cup but then... well, things happen and life (and little-miss-e) gets in the way and before I know it, my tea is cold and I am contemplating whether it is worth trying to reheat it in the microwave again. And then the other night I remembered about cup cosies and I thought: what a brilliant idea!

So I crocheted myself a granny square cup cosy. And this morning enjoyed a whole hot cup of coffee.

We are not one of those families that have lovely sets of matching cups. We have a mish-mash of cups from all over, with different sizes, heights, widths and handle positions, so to try to make the cosy universal - I sewed the bottom edge together and made a drawstring for the top edge, so that I can tie the sides together. 

So, here's to warm cups of tea and coffee*!

What about you? Is there something you used to think was silly that you are now converted to? What's your opinion of cup cosies?

*My lovely husband is not sold on the brilliant-ness of the cup cosy. He thinks the issue of my cold tea and coffee is more to do with my distractedness and is less than convinced that a simple cosy will solve the problem. Needless to say when I offered to make him one too, he scoffed politely declined.

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Sally said...

Humpf. Children interupting and demanding attention is hardly 'being distracted'. Cosy away I say. Loving the blue granny cosy loads and loads.

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