Tuesday, 18 June 2013

diagonal crochet

I just stumbled across this amazing diagonal crochet blanket from Lanas de Ana.

Isn't it gorgeous! She even links across to a tutorial. I love love love it. This is absolutely going to be my next blanket project!

I've already added it to my 'stuff I want to make (when I get the time)' list which sits towards the bottom right of my blog. I keep the list there it as a place to store up fabulous ideas like this one that I am not able to start straight away. How 'bout you? Where do you keep your list of projects you want to make so they don't get lost? And how much do you love this blanket?


Sally said...

Yes. It is gorgeous. I've just pinned it ... adding it to my ever growing list of things I want to make!!!

Ana BC said...

Yes, I encourage you to make this blanket. It takes a little bit gettin used to the stitch and increases, but it is worth it and very fun to make.
I´d love to see your version
Happy crocheting :-)

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