Wednesday, 1 May 2013

my week...

So I've had a bit of a week.

Thursday morning found me feeling a little bit squiffy. Thursday afternoon, quite unwell. Friday morning resulted in a trip to Emergency and by Friday afternoon I was in surgery for (and I quote) "a nasty appendix." Saturday found me back at home, but unable to lift, carry or hold 10 month old little-miss-e.

Whew... So since Thursday my lovely husband has been working hard, looking after me, looking after little-miss-e and trying to stay on top of food/cleaning/washing/dishes etc. I've been working hard at resting, recovering and doing nothing. (And that is strangely hard work too).

And making lists in my head of things I want to sew/crochet/cook/bake and create when I get better...

Things like this backpack, for little-miss-e as she heads to childcare soon:

from here (with a tutorial)

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