Friday, 31 May 2013


The baby blanket is finished! WOOHOO! and the baby I made it for is only 14 weeks old (oops). I was planning on getting it to his mum before he was born, but then he came early (three weeks early) and bang went that idea.

Still it is finished!

It is the first time I have acutally placed my squares in a pattern, rather than randomly, and I think it really works with these squares. And I did a really simple edging - spiraled like the squares, complete with an uneven finish.

Love love love it!

Now I just have to block it, in the hope it will help straighten up those edges (something I have never bothered to do to any of my blankets before) and pass it onto its owner. Ah, it's Friday night and I am off to block a baby blanket - we're livin' the high life 'round here!

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Sally said...

Yes it is the high life around here too... rugged up in bed watching the footy and reading blogs. The twenty-something me would never believe it!!!

Love love love that baby blanket. Those spirals are ace... will be googling how to do that soon I just know it!!!

... and how inconsiderate of that babe being so keen to enter the world a whole three weeks early!!! Doesn't he know you have crafting to do. Humpf.

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