Wednesday, 8 May 2013

a question...

I was asked this question the other day, and I've been pondering my answer ever since:

"why do you crochet your friend's bubs stuff?"

It came after spending time with my lovely sister (the very talented Sayraphim), and showing her my current baby blanket project:

Here it is, nearly finished - photo credit to Sayraphim

The answer I've decided on is simply that I do it out of love. I make stuff for my friend's bubs because I love my friends. And I want to show that love in the form of some cleverly tangled wool. I want to demonstrate love to this new little one who has come into the world. I love to give welcome gifts to these little bubs and I love that those gifts can be made by my hands. I love to crochet (and to be honest, there is also a little bit of me that loves to be able to give away the stuff I make so I don't just end up with piles of crocheted things strewn around the house!)

How about you -
why do you make stuff that you give away?


Sammy said...

My love language is "gifts" and to make something and then gift it away fills me with happiness!

Sayraphim said...

I love making things, but I make too many things to keep at home, I'd be drowning in craft very quickly! I love the designing and creating but I don't need the finished product. So years ago I hit on the clever idea to make my friends things tailored specifically to them. They'd love it, I get to make things and then take them out of my house! I love making things specifically for people, I love tailoring them so that the recipient will love it. The handmade makes it special, love and time have gone into making it, the hand crafted makes it special, it's always going to be a one off, even if I did make a couple they're always going to be different, and both these things show I care for the receiver. I do love giving newborns a handmade gift, to welcome them to the world and something that accompanies them at the very start of their journey, but age doesn't matter when I'm picking the next person to make something for.
In the end, making is caring and giving is love

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