Sunday, 13 January 2013

crochet for the cold and miserable

I've had a nasty coldy/fluey thing this week. And it has made me pretty miserable. So much so that my lovely husband gave me an afternoon off. He took over looking after little-miss-e for the afternoon, whilst I lay on the couch watching trashy telly and feeling sorry for myself. My fingers were itching to do some crochet but my brain had very limited capacity. The thought of planning out the pattern for the baby blanket was too much for me. As was even sewing together the circles to finish my last necklace. About all I could manage was chain and double crochet.

And ta-da another baby proof necklace...(although truth be told, I do need to fix up the catch on this one. When little-miss-e pulls on it at the moment it comes undone. And she does that often).

Do you have a project you do when you are feeling cold and miserable?

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