Wednesday, 20 October 2010

crafternoon goodness!

ahh, what a saturday we had. unexpected sunshine. good food and a crafternoon.


there was great food (easy peasy chocolate cake, fabulous and melt in your mouth macaroons and blue cheese scones) 



i was working on making a quilted sandwich for my next quilt project

there was drawing and painting going on, but mostly i wanted to show you this: sculpture by my lovely friend. (sorry some of the pics are blue-ish - i forgot to turn the filter off)

 she was sculpting it out of this weird aerated concrete stuff, and it was so much fun!


i couldn't believe how great it looked by the end of the crafternoon. the finished product is going to be fabulous!


Kate said...

I love how the pics of the food always come at the front of a craft gathering post! That sculpture looks amazing.

Sandrine said...

OH great!My dad is a stone mason so I grew up doing that stuff as my play time :)Great memories...

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