Sunday, 31 October 2010

and while we are on my brithday..

i thought i'd show you this. it's what my mum posted down to me for my birthday:

ok, it's not that she got confused between celebrating my birthday and celebrating Jesus' birthday. she just gave me some of the christmas decorations that i made as a kid. and that is pretty precious. the fact mum has kept them all these years is pretty amazing. and its pretty special that after keeping them for so long she has shared these ones with me. 

they evoke so many memories - not so much of the making them, but of christmas and of the decorating the tree every year. and they also remind me that i have been into this making stuff pretty much all my life. and there's something kinda nice in that.

have you always been making stuff too?

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Miss Muggins said...

great memories. How special that she kept them.
My parents left all their christmas goodies up in the roof of my chidhood home, when they moved house. It has taken years for me to move on!

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