Sunday, 4 April 2010

easter cooking at home

i unexpectedly found myself at home this easter. alone. and sick. which hasn't made for the funnest easter ever. but has resulted in me pottering around the kitchen making things. 

like hot cross buns:

and loaves of bread

and pumpkin soup
 and tomato chutney (this one was with some gratefully received assistance). the chutney is one of stephanie's and i make it every year (well, i have for the last 3, does that mean its a tradition?). 

and tomorrow, i am making pesto, with this lovely fresh basil from a friend's garden. 

not too bad for a girl stuck at home with the almost-flu (i find the term 'cold' seems to under-describe how sick i have been over the last week). 

and with lent over today, i am no longer fasting from tea, and have therefore drinking pots and pots of it. nothing like tea to make you feel better.

hope you have had a lovely easter...

1 comment:

Mookah said...

Oh no you poor thing! Sick and alone is never fun, but especially at times such as Easter. The buns look fab and I too have been making basil pesto today. The basil is threatening to take over the garden....

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