Saturday, 10 April 2010

turning 70 and joining grannies

how exciting!  i have decided i am have enough squares for my baby blanket (70 is the magic number!).

now for the next step. joining my grannies. i've done some research and there are three different ways i am thinking of doing it:

pip's way: 

carina's way:

attic24's way:

(back view)

so really, there are big decisions to be made. i really like the finish from attic24, but one of the big problems i have is tension (and ply) related: 

and i am just not sure if attic24's way would be able to cope with this. i love carina's way, and i think it would help the tension/size issue, but i can see it would use quite a lot of wool, and extend the size of the blanket too. pip's way is more of a middle ground...

ooh, decisions decisions...


Sayraphim said...

ooo! ok, so you need to teach me the things you've learnt about joining grannies. I've only sewed one together and it ended up having unsatisfying ridges between the squares. Pretty if done a certain way, sure. But not the way I did it.

Tracey said...

oh, have not thought yet about how to join mine, I only have about 30, so will have to see what you do with yours!

Jo's Place said...

I love Carina's way. Carries on the pattern and to me just looks nicer.

midge said...

tough decision. i have just finished joining mine. i vote carina's for yours (although i love attic 24's answer)

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