Sunday, 28 March 2010

2am crochet

this crochet caper is definitely very addictive. 

i found myself awake at 2am the other morning, staring at this jug cover (which i use to cover my glass of water beside my bed - we have kamikaze moths). 

see, i have been inspired often by the fabulous M* and her amazing jug covers. so 2am saw me staring and staring bleerie eyed and trying to work out how this one was done and thinking about whether or not i could copy the pattern and make it into a square.

so, this afternoon i thought i would give it a try... 


my first attempt was fairly unsuccessful. but unfazed, i tried again - and here you have it, one jug cover inspired granny square. 

it turned out a bit small, so given its a two-toned square baby blanket, i popped a double crochet edge on it. its not exactly square, but still, i'm pretty happy with it...

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