Monday, 8 June 2009

long weekend

so, its a cold and wet queen's birthday weekend. but i have really gotten to the point where i enjoy some rain. its so good for gardens, for growing things and for grannying... i'm also at the point where i absolutely cannot put down my crochet hook - i was warned about this, but didn't take the warning anywhere near seriously enough. i have to say that i am pretty proud of the fact that i am grannying old style, with random leftover wool that i had lying around the house. the only problem with that is that i have pink lying around the house, because, well, i have never been fond of it. so now i have a growing pile of pink infested granny squares. still, i am fortunate that i have people in my life who do like pink. people who have just had a birthday and i forgot to get them a present. people for whom i am now grannying a scarf. (now all i have to do is figure out how to join up all my grannies and i am set!)


Gina said...

I reckon that could be classified as salmon, or terracotta or something... not so much horrid girly pink.

Miriam said...

lovely squares :), wish I could crochet :(

becclebee said...

thanks miriam - i never believed it, but crochet is actually really easy (when you know how). i suggest getting a friend to teach you, and then you will be off too!

and i am still not keen on the pink - pink by any other name... *grins*

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