Monday, 22 June 2009

don't you just love hard rubbish!

we so do in our house - lots of our furniture comes from hard rubbish finds. but sadly, these days, our local council has changed the rules, with no more hard rubbish weeks, where everyone puts out their rubbish together and the whole street scours each others junk for gems. but still - every now and then, you get lucky. someone moves out of somewhere, and leaves their unwanteds on the curb. it happened to me the other day. i popped out of my house to head to the supermarket, and sitting on the curb a few doors up was this fabulous bookcase. i dragged it inside and with a bit of help, up the stairs to my art space. i'm so pleased with it that i just had to share. i can't wait to fill it up with more crafty goodness.


willywagtail said...

I am beginning to fill my house with other people's junk too.
When DD2 leaves home I am going to turf the old lounge and just use white cane chairs I have picked up of the side of the road over the last couple of years. Can't wait for the next cleanup.

Anonymous said...

Don't I ever!

I used to be mortified when my mum would stop and pick up junk. Now I'm the one stopping and it's not junk anymore, it's like finding gold.

Great find.

becclebee said...

its lovely to hear that you guys are big fans of hard rubbish. and it so is like finding gold.

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