Monday, 30 September 2013

library collections

So we are still fairly crafty free 'round here. I think time and energy are lacking, along with the motivation to start a new project. But mostly the energy - this working three days a week caper takes a lot out of a person - well takes a lot out of this person...

But there has been a lot of cooking and baking and reading going on instead. And that has meant more trips to the library. So here's our current library collection -

Yep, I re-borrow Les Mis, after 2 renews I had to return it unfinished. But I bravely got it out again a week or so later and am ploughing my way through it. I've paused though, to read The Happiest Refugee - which was light and enjoyable. Having finished that today though, its back into Les Mis.

And these are little-miss-e's books.

We partiucalry love this one:

There is a whole series of them on all the senses and we've had them out before. Little-miss-e has enjoyed all of the series. All of her books have been hits actually, and she often chooses one of these for us to read together. How 'bout you? Have you been to the library recently?

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