Saturday, 17 August 2013

library collections

I am such big reader. I love to read and I love wandering around the library selecting whatever takes my fancy. My favourite method is simply to pick up a book and start reading - if I like the writing I take it home, if not I put it back and try again. I love reading a book without knowing anything about it. I usually try to avoid reading the back of books altogether and just dive straight in.

So seeing crafting is suspiciously absent from my life at present, I thought I'd join along with Kate from Greedy for Colour and her library collection.

This is our current collection:

It's little but big! I am slowly ploughing/plodding through Les Mes. I'm yet to make up my mind about it, so I seem to be reading it in fits and starts. And we're trying out an audio book - I have to say that it is not going as well as we thought. Finding the time to sit down together to listen is harder that I expected.

I have to say my favourite from little-miss-e's pile would have to be Leslie Patricelli's In the Bath. The story and illustrations are delightful and little-miss-e loves it too.  Little-miss-e loves books - she is such a book worm - although her favourite book at the moment is not from the library, it's this one:

Everytime she sees it she excitedly shouts "HAM!" and then tries to foist it in our direction to get us to read it to her.

How about you? A you a library person? What's currently in your library collection?


Kate said...

I love your collection - I am so in awe of you for reading Les Mis... I sing it a little but I know I should really commit to the book - I can't wait to hear how you are going with it. Also seeing you with your talking books makes me realise I should be including ours. They are such a big part of our lives. And Green Eggs and Ham!!! One of our all time favourite books. Thank you so much for doing this, I love having a window into your reading life! Love Kate (from greedy for colour) xxx.

Anonymous said...

The HAM! part made me laugh, that's cute. It's great to get your children into books, seeing you read is a good thing too.

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