Friday, 22 February 2013

rusks (but not the baby kind)

The other morning as I was getting out of bed, I asked my lovely (but not a morning person) husband whether I could get him anything. 'Coffee...' was his mumbled reply, then after a pause he added '...and rusks.' 'Rusks!' I exclaimed - I knew we'd bought all that rice flour for a reason, but I'd completely forgotten that I could make rusks. I then got pretty excited, and my lovely husband rolled back over and listened to me bubble over with the idea of making rusks. I've made them before, and in more recent times discovered and then adapted a gluten free recipe, but I haven't made them since I was pregnant. Actually, I was planning on making them when I was about 38 weeks, I'd even bought the buttermilk - but then little-miss-e arrived a little early and bang went that idea.

But getting back to this week: I spent Wednesday making rusks - for those who've never experienced them, rusks are from South Africa (like my lovely husband). They are basically a biscuity-type thing that is very hard and very dry, and the only way to eat them is to dip them in your morning coffee. They are delicious and lots of fun to make, but do take a lot of time. And as I discovered, even more time when one factors a 7-month old into the mix.

So I'd love to say that on Thursday morning I was able to present my lovely husband with coffee and rusks in bed. However, he got up before me to go to the gym, so instead I enjoyed coffee and rusks myself whilst feeding little-miss-e her breakfast.

mmm, gluten free rusks... - I'll post the recipe soon!

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