Wednesday, 20 February 2013

(not quite) wordless wednesday

I'm not feeling so wordless today. In fact instead I've got lots to share. My this week has been fabulous so far, how 'bout yours?

Sunday night, while skyping my lovely husband's family I made pesto...

It was hot hot hot 'round Melbourne town, so my lovely husband and I took little-miss-e to the beach on Monday morning. It was so much fun! She loved the water, and for the first time sat on the sand in with the little waves rippling over her legs and splashed and splashed!

Then, Monday afternoon, my sister and my lovely husband had conspired to give my an afternoon off! My sister came round and whisked me away to an afternoon of cafes and op-shops, whilst my lovely husband stayed home and looked after little-miss-e.

Yesterday was full of jam making, finally. I'm not sure how many figs I ate, but I only ended up with 1.7kgs of figs to make into jam. Its a sweet sticky messy process, but the end result 'little bird burnt fig jam' (named in honour of a new little bird we know) should certainly be worth it!

As for today, well - there's great stuff going on, but I'll tell you all about that another time...

Hope your week so far has been just as great!

1 comment:

Sophie Slim said...

hoorah, glad you got an afternoon off! I have never tried figs so I'll take your word that they are delicious, hehe xx

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