Saturday, 4 December 2010

a random christmas assortment

ooh, there is so much to say! whenever i have been too busy to blog, i always have so much i want to blog about!
like this:
how cute are these! i visited chantal's blog a few my creative space's ago, and left her a suggestion for her christmas tag prints. low and behold she not only made some tree ones, but she generously sent some to me! these look so cute in red and green. they will go so well with my wrapped up pressies!

and there are also these - boozy mini pudding truffles (i know the recipe isn't boozy - i added brandy). i've made a stack of them for the useful gift christmas bbq that my lovely friend's 7 year old decided to hold last night. (you should check out tear's useful gift catalogue - they are a fabulous way to give really useful gifts) 

good thing that there are some left over to take to crafternoon today! yay! christmas crafternoon!

and finally this: 
 our not-yet-put-up christmas tree. i brought it down, got it out of its bag, but haven't yet had the time (or found the phillip's head screwdriver) to put it up. here's hoping we get time to put it up this weekend!

how are your christmas assortments of things going?   


Claire Bushby said...

those are lovely xmas tags, my I had better get my xmas tree out! December has really snuck up on me this year.

Chicken Willow said...

Don't you just love Chantal's stuff!! Good luck putting the tree up.

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