Monday, 13 December 2010

doin' some decorating

 ahh, don't you love decorating. we've put up and decorated the christmas tree

i've set up my crocheted nativity scene (yeah, i know it's missing a lot of the people and animals involved. it's an ongoing project -i have also made joseph's head, but i thought i shouldn't just have his head rolling around. so mary and Jesus it is, until i get a chance to finish joseph) 

and i've even been doin' some decorating 'round marjoryjane. i've added a "stuff i want to make when i get time" list - down under the follower's box. check it out! i always have a great big list of things i am keen to make. and now whenever i come across something fun, i have a place to put it - so it won't get lost, or forgotten. what do you do when you come across those great ideas you'd like to make one day? where do you put them so they don't get lost?


NessaKnits said...

Actually, I went to Big W earlier in the year and they have packs of Beutron Buttons, 250 grams of mixed for about $7.50 a pack. I think. Perfect for crafting, available in the haberdashery section. Go and buy yourself all the buttons you will every need. I give you permission!

Sandrine said...

Very impressive!
I particularly love the look of the nativity set being crochetted wonderful!

Chicken Willow said...

I see you've gone for the 'less is more' on the nativity:) xx

Maxabella said...

I can't believe you made such a sweet crochet nativity scene. So creative and lovely. Well done. x

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