Tuesday, 13 July 2010

done done done (and edging)

so, guess what!

the baby blanket i have been making for oh-so-long is finally done done done!
 woo hoo! and the baby is still 5 weeks away (or so, you can never be precise with these things). i'll post the finished pics later this week, once i have given it to the parents-to-be.

so for now, i thought i talk about edging. see this is my first baby blanket. my first real one (there was this one, but it was really a practice go). so once i had put it all together, i spent some time last week, trying to figure out how to edge it. 

i looked in my crochet books, i trawled round the net. and in the end, i went back to the lovely attic24 (who helped me with the joining plan) and borrowed her pattern for edging. sort of. well, the start of it at least.

basically, i chained 5, then slip stitched into each hole. and repeated. a lot. 
once i had done the whole way round. i did it again. this time slip stitching into the little loopy things of the 5 chain i had made the round before.  
that is it. i like its simplicity, and i think it finishes the blanket off nicely. 

i'll post a finished pic later this week!

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