Wednesday, 30 June 2010

my creative space this week... full this week of ends. 

 and the threading in of ends. 

and i hereby swear a solemn oath: i will never again put down a granny square until i have threaded in the end. i will never again wait until i have put together the whole of the blanket to thread in the ends.

this threading in of ends is tedious to the extreme...  

hopefully your creative space is much more fun!


Sally said...

yep... I'm threading in my ends as I go this time and even that is driving me crazy. You must really be suffering an awful case of thread fatigue.
Good luck getting through it all... at least you have the blanket to keep you warm as you go.

handmadehappiness said...

good luck with the threading it's the ripping out of the sewing world.... but once you get started it'll roll in!!!! put on a good movie.... thats what i plan to do with my binding form my quilt. lovely blog :))

Chicken Willow said...

Good tip there. I find threading in ends therapeutic, but not too many at a time.

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