Sunday, 14 February 2010


ahh, camberwell market - such a lovely place for a sunday morning jaunt. (for those who haven't heard of it, every sunday morning there is a rotary trash and treasure type market in camberwell - a suburb of melbourne). fondly referred to as camberwelly by many (well,  sayraphim and i call it that - or maybe its just me).

anyway, it was a slightly unexpected trip to camberwelly this morning. sayraphim and i planned it last week, but given the rain and crazy weather here in melbourne over the last few days - we weren't sure it would be on (its a fair-weather market, outside in a carpark and is cancelled when it rains). we went anyway, with the plan to just go out for breakfast if it wasn't on. but we were in luck and dampness aside - there was fun and bargains to be had. 

among other things - i scored:

this fabulous fabric
some fun wooden blocks
a great tablecloth and serviette set (although technically, this was part of a $3 haul of sayraphim's)

and curiously i found this:
but i am not sure what something becomes once it is ex retro. does that make it new again?  

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