Wednesday, 24 February 2010

and here they are (or, patience no longer required)

so here they are, the crochet present i finished last week:

presenting some crocheted slippers: ta da...

aren't they fab! the pattern comes from here.

i did however, experience the confusion that comes from two different sets of terminology. but this was only after i was part way through the first one, so they are actually made from Aus/UK "doubles" not "trebles" as they should be given the pattern is from the US. phew, who knew this crochet thing was such a minefield of language based challenges. i also ended up making them a little big and so made a chain drawstring which is threaded around the top, and ties at the back. 

what fun!


Sally said...

I get completely confused with the whole crochet language thang too!!!

Love the slippers... super!

Sayraphim said...

" ... who knew this crochet thing was such a minefield of language based challenges" AHAHAHAHA... what a perfect sentace! Love it :)

Tania said...

I am so, so bad at doing the same thing more than once that if they were mine I would eternally suffer from one cold foot. And yep, the geographic terminology thing - gets me every time.

Kate said...

Cute slipper!
I hate the whole 2 crochet languages thing. I make the same mistakes time and again because I forget to check where the pattern is from. X

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