Monday, 9 November 2009

the sheet skirt

so, here is my sheet skirt all finished and done.

i am really very happy with it. my first pattern-less skirt success. (you may well note the similarities with the pillowcase skirt i posted below - they are the same basic idea, but i did actually make this one first).

and thanks to everyone for their great ideas on what to do with the rest of the sheet. i really like the pj idea, and the cushions. and the bag lining and the softie... well all of them actually. i can see much potential!

Note to self - i really must clean that mirror!


rebecca said...

awesome! i have a bunch of lovely old school sheets lying around here at the moment and they would make fabulous skirts!


Gina said...

Wow, that came up beautifully, as did your pillowcase skirt. What sort of fastener did you opt for? Or elastic? Looks great.

So I bought a Hobby Holly pillowcase at Savers today, it has frills and everything, I'd love to see you do something with THAT!!!

becclebee said...

thanks! it was so much fun to make and so so easy.

gina - its actually a drawstring, but only at the back. the front of the skirt stays flat. and holly hobby pillowcase - that sounds fun, so many ideas... it would look great as veggie bags with frills - or a skirt, you could keep the frills, or use them for the drawstring. ooh, so many things to do...

Kate said...

Yay, you did a great job. That cotton bed sheet skirt will be so light and cool to wear too. I've been sewing kids clothes out of them but you've inspired me to make something for myself.

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